Pit Bulls In Need is a small not for profit
rescue group of individuals sharing the
same love of the Bully Breeds who
rescue orphaned, abandoned,
or abused dogs from local shelters.
P.I.N. is the first Pit Bull Rescue
organizatio located in Spokane,
Washington. Side-by-side with other
rescue groups, P.I.N. has also begun its
lifelong crusade to end the evil heartless
act of pitting dogs together in a fight to
their death
and wholeheartedly supports criminal
charges be served to individuals who see
this illegal sport as entertainment.

Thank you for your gracious support and
God Bless! P.S. Just a little trivia: the
term "Pit Bull" is not an actual breed.
It is a general term used to classify "bully
breeds" such as the Staffordshire Terrier,
American Staffordhshire Terrier, and
American Pit Bull Terrier.
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OldDog Haven is a very small group of
people with a network of others trying to
provide a loving safe home for senior
dogs abandoned at this stage of their
lives. When we have room, and the
means, we take these dogs into our
homes; if possible we adopt out those
with a reasonable life-expectancy. We
care for the rest as long as they have
good quality of life.

All too many dogs of advanced (or just
middle-aged!) years are rejected by their
owners, dumped at shelters where their
chance of adoption is "slim-to-none" or
passed around others in the
neighborhood. Instead of living cherished
last years in a loving family they are left
to die in a terrifying place, alone and
frightened, not understanding what they
did to make their family send them away
to this hell. Helping them isn't easy, isn't
cheap, but is very, very rewarding.
Our goal is that their last years are
cherished and that they die knowing they
are loved, safe and at peace. Wouldn't
we all wish this for our own pets,
and for ourselves?
Adopt-A-Pet is incorporated as a tax-
exempt, non-profit Washington state
charitable organization and now a 501(c)
3 run by a small group of dedicated
volunteers deeply concerned with the
plight of suffering homeless animals.
Adopt-A-Pet is a no-kill shelter devoted
to saving the lives of homeless dogs and
placing them in caring, responsible

The kindness of a giving heart…   How
many times have you donated to a cause
and wondered where your dollars were
spent?   When you give a donation to
Adopt-A-Pet we can guarantee that you
have just helped save a life!  Adopt-A-Pet
relies solely on donations from wonderful
people like yourself and 100 percent of
your donation is used for the animals.  
Each and every penny you give goes
directly to the care of the homeless and
needy animals in our community.
United Yorkie Rescue, Inc.
was founded on August 5, 2002,
by a group of loyal and hard-working
rescue friends. We consolidated our
efforts and talents to form a family
dedicated to the rescue and well being
of the Yorkshire Terrier. We have
pledged to rescue all Yorkies and Yorkie
mixes in need regardless of size, age, or
health condition. In addition, we are
devoted to providing love, nourishment,
rehabilitation, socialization, and
"pawesome" forever homes!!
Our mission is to find
a loving and secure home for
every retired racing greyhound who
comes into the care of
Greyhound Pets, Inc.  
and to educate the public on the
benefits of having a greyhound
as a family companion
The primary mission of ARRF is the
promotion of care and welfare of
companion animals in the Upper Kittitas
County area.
Our organization is focused on the
spay/neuter of dogs and cats, fostering,
supplying pet food for those in need,
reuniting lost and found pets with their
owners, humane education and the
development of a state of the art animal
care facility.
As a private not for profit 501(c)(3),
we work diligently to make sure all
donations go directly to the animals.
Our goal is to improve the lives of  
animals and educate the public.