To my Barnum-
Featured July 2006

He died March 13, 2006
due to thyroid cancer.
He was my boy,
and saw me through so much.
He was just shy of 6 years old.
I knew him for 5,
I will remember him forever.

The hardest day
of being a dog owner
is the last one.
This page is dedicated to the dogs who have appeared in the
For the Love of Rescues Calendars but have since passed away.
Every face in my calendars is a face representing love triumphing through diversity.  
And although we mourn the loss of each pet,
we can proudly say that as their owners and rescuers,
we gave them everything we could.
So although they may not have started life surrounded by love,
they were able finish their short lives with the love each one of them deserved.
My Barnum
In loving memory of our
December 2006 model,
It was too late to stop
her disease,
but not too late to allow
her to pass away
surrounded by love,
which she returned
through her
final moments.
In Loving Memory of QB
Appearing in January 2007.
Passing away as a sweet senior,
he was one of the lucky ones
to have found a home
that loved him
through his last days.
In Loving Memory of Droopy,
Featured in July 2006.
The time they spend with us is so
short, but so full of love.
To think that someone once
didn't want you.
Now I just want you back.
In Loving Memory of Poe,
Featured in May 2007
From her owners:
"I adopted Poe after she was no
longer wanted by her owners
because she was not a good watch
dog.  To me she is the perfect
watch dog.  She lays in the grass
and watches the children play."
In Loving Memory of Pebbles
Appearing in April 2008
There's always the one dog
who touches our hearts
and leaves a huge hole when they're gone.
By leaving a vacancy,
as her last loving deed,
she gives another lonely, scared, homeless dog
a new loving forever home.
In Loving Memory of Gummy Bear
Featured in December 2009
He lost his battle with cancer.
He may have started life unwanted,
but was surrounded by those who loved him
until his final hour.
In Loving Memory of Max
Appearing in January 2009
He spent nine years with a family
until they realized their children were
allergic to him.
He spent 3 more years locked away
in their basement.
But at age 12 he was given
a second chance to
romp and play with children again.
He has just passed,
and will be terribly missed.
In Loving Memory of Jett
Appearing in December 2010
A local celebrity
in Breckenridge, Colorado
This sweet boy
could turn a smile
from every stranger he met.
In Loving Memory of Bear
Appearing in March 2010
A beloved foster
who finally found a home
but was diagnosed with a
brain tumor
and died 2 months later.
Everyone who knew him
feels lucky he was
in their lives.
In Loving Memory of Simba
Appearing in May 2010
He lost his fight with cancer,
but his memory
will never be lost
to those who loved him.
In Loving Memory of Nicky
Appearing in January 2010
Liver Cancer took his life,
but left in its wake
a lifetime of smiles and laugher
that will never fade.
In Loving Memory of Crocker
Appearing in July 2010
On September 2nd, 2009 we lost
our much loved Crocker.
Crocker was sweet, goofy, and very smart.  
He wanted nothing but to please us
and make us happy.
Everyone who met him commented on
his good looks and sweet personality.
We could not have asked for a
better first dog.
He taught us how to laugh even when sad,
and play even when tired.
There is no real way to express the loss
we feel for this pet,
but we are glad that he was in our lives,
even if only for a short period in time.
We will miss you
and love you always Crocker
In Loving Memory of Alex
Appearing in February 2011
Alex lost his life to cancer
in 2009.  
But the friends he left behind,
like his kitty buddy, Mason,
will never forget him.
In Loving Memory of Martin
Appearing in April 2011
We as pet owners never like to
say we have a "favorite,"
but Martin's personality and
unconditional love will always
have a special place in his
owners' hearts.
In Loving Memory of Emi
Appearing in May 2011
A deaf and partically blind
beautiful girl
never knew pity
but only love
from the family who gave her
a second chance.
To My Micky
Appearing in December 2006
You came into my life
as the 9 year-old rejected dog
who didn't understand why
his people stopped loving him.
We had 8 years together,
and although you
were stinky, slobbery, and
downright ugly,
I knew you loved me right away,
and I loved you right back.
In Loving Memory of Louie
Appearing in February 2011
If it weren't for Louie,
his guardian would never have
met her husband.
They don't have human kids,
just Louie and his adopted
German Shepherd sister.
So hard to say good-bye,
and to thank you for everything
you gave us.
In Loving Memory of Sammy
Appearing in May 2013
When you were found as a stray,
it was obvious that life had not
been very kind to you.

Thank goodness you found
your way home to us
so that we could love you and
make a difference in your life.

You came through
your thyroid cancer treatments
like a champ
, but eventually
old age took its toll.
I wish we could have had
more time together.
Thank you for your
unconditional love, Sammy.

You’ll never be forgotten.