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The Animal Coalition of Delaware County
is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit,
all-volunteer, charitable organization
registered with the
Pennsylvania Department of State
that is dedicated to finding loving homes
for adoptable, homeless pets.
We are also focused on educating
the public regarding the necessity of
spaying and neutering pets and
encouraging the humane treatment of
companion animals throughout
Delaware County and the Main Line.
The Animal Rescue League’s mission is
to impact all aspects of humane treatment
of animals through quality service,
accommodation, and education of
pet owners and the community.
ARF SEPA is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization that is solely dedicated to the welfare
of companion pets here in southeastern
Pennsylvania. ARF volunteers regularly patrol public
looking for adoptable pets that may be
euthanized due to lack of kennel space.
Once rescued, pets receive complete veterinary care
(including spay/neuter) paid for by ARF, and pets
stay with a foster family until adopted into a
permanent forever home (as long as that takes).
We will do whatever we can to help a pet
and find that pet a forever home.
For animals that are injured, we'll pay for surgery.
If a pet is sick, we'll pay for medications and vet
care. If a pet has behavioral issues, we'll turn to our
behavioral expert on call, Wendy Young
of Progressive Dog Training in Media.
We are here to help homeless pets, it's that simple.
Furry Friends Network is a group of animal lovers
who have decided to work together to facilitate the
adoptions of unwanted animals.
There are countless reasons
why animals are surrendered.
Our philosophy is to help those animals
that did not ask to be born.  
There are so many older animals that are given up.
Furry Friends Network works to place these older
animals into loving homes to ensure good quality for
the remainder of their short lives.
Everyone wants the puppies and kittens, but they
forget that those puppies and kittens grow up.
Any animal, no matter its age, can offer love and
companionship to the right person.  
There are thousands of animal rescue organizations,
all working for the same purpose.
We hope through our efforts,
Furry Friends Network will make at least a small
difference, and save a few lives in the process.
Save-A-Dog, Inc. is a non profit, NO KILL
humane society located in the Pocono Mountains
of eastern Pennsylvania, established for the
purpose of saving abused and abandoned dogs.
We work closely with the local SPCA to
save dogs scheduled for euthanasia.  
The Pocono Mountains is a tourist area, and a hot
spot for "drop-offs", dogs left behind to starve
when the owner leaves, dogs abandoned
on the roadsides.  
Every dog rescued needs veterinary care and
a whole lot of love.  

Our saved dogs are currently in foster homes
being cared for by loving and committed
volunteers, who prepare them for adoption.  
Some dogs are considered "unadoptable"
because of age or handicap.  
It our goal to build/buy a sanctuary for them so
they can live their lives safely and securely.
Our Mission:
Dedicated to the principle that all life must
be treated with value, dignity, and respect.

Our Vision:
Determined to prevent abuse and neglect
through education on the proper and
responsible care of animals.
Devoted to raising public awareness on the
importance of spaying and neutering to
limit unwanted animals.
Driven to create a healthier & kinder
community for humans and animals alike.
Dutiful in the encouragement of kindness
towards all animals.
TreeTops Animal Rescue is not a specific place
- it is a network of people who volunteer their
time and homes to save the lives of animals in
need who were abandoned, surrendered, or
lost.  Although our organization's mailing
address is in Landenberg, we also have
volunteers in surrounding areas in Chester,
Delaware, & Bucks, Counties in PA as well as
New Castle County DE and Cecil County MD.
All are equally dedicated to finding good
permanent homes for unwanted animals and
educating the public about how wonderful
rescue animals are and how much joy
they can bring to your life
The Sebastian Foundation for Animal Rescue
is a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) all breed
rescue organization that works to find homes
for unwanted animals, primarily dogs.
All of the animals cared for by our
organization are kept in foster homes.
We do not have a stand alone kennel
or animal facility.
We also do not have set hours for visitation.
Donations are tax-deductable and greatly
appreciated in order for us to continue our
rescue work!
The mission of the
Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Inc.
is to build a better community for pets
and people through compassion,
protection, education, and collaboration.
Our mission is to protect, shelter and adopt homeless
animals in the northern Franklin and parts of
southern Cumberland county.

Our vision is to remove any barriers that prevent
CVAS from protecting, sheltering and adopting
homeless animals within our service area.

Our Values are to provide shelter to stray and
otherwise homeless pets and minimize their stress,
protecting them from the elements and providing a
place of safety and comfort.
To act as the contact agency in our service area
to assure the safe and speedy return of
lost pets to their owners.
To place adoptable pets with responsible owners.
To aid in the prevention of cruelty and neglect to
animals through educational efforts and
legal citations as necessary.
To promote responsible pet ownership through
humane education initiatives.
To work to reduce uncontrolled animal breeding.
We raise funds to provide financial assistance
for specific dogs in shelters
Our focus is primarily on small, overcrowded,
underfunded, but well-managed, rural shelters
that typically operate below the radar in the
greater Mid-Atlantic region.
Our efforts are aimed at helping otherwise
adoptable dogs at these shelters who are least
likely to get adopted (older dogs,
black dogs, special-needs dogs, etc.).
By covering part or all of the costs of necessary
veterinary care, grooming, etc. for these dogs
most at risk, they are far more likely to be
adopted or taken by a rescue.
We assist rescues that commit to these at-risk
dogs with transport, temporary boarding,
veterinary, and other costs.
We also highlight these at-risk dogs on our
website and through social media to help get
them on the radar to be adopted or taken
by a rescue, and to increase awareness of the
plight of at-risk dogs
United Yorkie Rescue, Inc.
was founded on August 5, 2002,
by a group of loyal and hard-working
rescue friends.
We consolidated our efforts and talents
to form a family dedicated to the rescue and
well being of the Yorkshire Terrier.
We have pledged to rescue all Yorkies and
Yorkie mixes in need regardless of
size, age, or health condition.
In addition, we are devoted to providing
love, nourishment, rehabilitation, socialization,
and "pawesome" forever homes!!
Our mission as a 501c3 non profit is to
help rescues and shelters, small and large,
to receive donated items that will offset
the financial hardship they face.

These items will help a needy dog and/or cat in foster
care until the animal can find their forever home.

Animals need to feel secure, loved, and appreciated in
order to be the best pet possible..we try our best to
facilitate this by sending them a Love Box.
We are a small group of volunteers whose
goal is to save the lives of homeless dogs
suffering in high-kill shelters.
In doing so, we hope to provide an
alternative to the purchase of puppy-mill
and pet-store dogs, thereby reducing the
demand for and ultimately
the supply of such dogs.
We strive to match each dog
with the right family after the dog
has been observed in a foster home.