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Our Mission:
Save-A-Pet is a not-for-profit, no-kill shelter
dedicated to finding loving, quality homes for each cat
and dog in its care. Pets are sheltered indefinitely.
Our shelter strives to create an environment which
enhances both awareness of and support
for the humane treatment of animals.
In 2006, we placed over 700 animals
into loving homes from our temporary facility.
Each one of these animals was given
shelter, food, medical aid and vaccinations
and time to find the right home.
Our doctors mended mutilated limbs
and cured many illnesses
so that these animals could get
a second chance at good lives.
It is our goal to have our own facility devoted
to helping our homeless friends
so that we can give many more animals a chance
to find the homes they deserve.
And it is our mission to educate the public about
the problems of pets over population and offer
solutions for ending it.
We are a small no-kill shelter.
Our cats and dogs come from
Animal Control or from owners
who can no longer keep them.
We are a volunteer-based shelter
with no paid employees.
TAPS is committed to providing a safe environment
for homeless pets until they can be placed
into permanent, loving homes.  
We take in and rehabilitate, sick and injured pets that have
nowhere else to go, and we provide education to pet owners
to ensure happier, healthier live for companion animals.

TAPS is committed to helping reduce pet overpopulation by
spaying and neutering all animals adopted from us.  
By increasing public awareness of the benefits of altering
and the problem of pet overpopulation, we will be able to
decrease the number of stray animals on the street, and
therefore, the number of homeless animals euthanized each
A Caring Place Humane Society is a no-kill,
non-facility, all-volunteer humane society
offering adoption opportunities for cats, kittens,
dogs, and puppies of most
health conditions and ages.
We are an Illinois not-for-profit corporation,
recognized 501(c)(3) charity.
We are supported only by gifts from our caring
friends since A Caring Place receives no
governmental or corporate funding, and minimal
adoption fees when our animals go to their new
forever homes.
Pet Angels is a group of volunteers who love dogs
and spend our spare time and personal dollars
helping dogs in need.
Some help by fostering,
some by posting dogs in need and
homeless dogs for other shelters,
some by looking for "match" dogs for
people looking for a specific description dog,
and some help by picking up shelter dogs
and transporting them to new homes.
None get reimbursed for their services,
but the happy wag of a tail is reward enough
when a dog finally makes it from that scared little
orphaned dog into a happy home of it's own.
Operates the City of Galesburg Animal Control
Program and provides boarding services for
municipalities throughout Knox County. Investigates
animal cruelty and neglect cases. Provides low-cost
spay/neuter voucher program. Provides community
education programs concerning animal overpopulation
issues, general pet care, and positive
reinforcement classes for animal behavior.
Has established a foundation to provide for the
long-term financial stability and continuation of the
work of the Prairieland Animal Welfare Center.
ARFhouse-Illinois was established
through the efforts of Martha Hovers
partnering with Chicago area shelter volunteers in
the placement of adoptable dogs
housed at ARFhouse in
Sherman, Texas and transported to
the Chicago area.
We are affiliated with the National Saint Bernard Rescue
Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to
helping abandoned, abused, homeless, and relinquished
Saints find a "forever home."
ISBR is run solely by volunteers who have a great love for
the breed and the dedication to help save them.
Our volunteers put in countless hours and travel great
distances to ensure that these wonderful Saints find loving
forever homes and are not destroyed.
We also have an Approved Humane Investigator
on our staff to investigate complaints and allegations of
improper animal care to ensure compliance with
the Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act.
Because we are a rescue group,
we do not have "shelter" where the animals are housed.
We provide temporary, loving foster homes for all of our
dogs until they are placed in their new homes.
Our mission is to actively organize, promote, facilitate and
finance animal rescue operations in West Central Illinois.
Operations to include, but not limited to,
fund raising, facilitating the adoption of stray and/or
unwanted domestic animals,
subsidized spay/neuter programs,
assisting the poor with companion animal care,
humane animal care advocacy, community education and
with the eventual goal of developing a long-term care facility
to house animals in transition and less-adoptable animals.

We will adopt a general no-kill philosophy while maintaining
the option for merciful euthanasia in circumstances
where no alternative exists.
This step will only be taken as a last resort when all
alternatives have been exhausted.

We will focus on the dogs and cats,
but will attempt to assist with other
companion animals as practical.
"Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue, Inc.(GLMR) exists
to place stray or abandoned
English Mastiffs in adoptive homes
which will provide a high level of care
and where the spirit of the
GLMR Code of Ethics is observed.
The Rescue / Placement Service may assist
Mastiff owners, who for any reason,
can no longer provide a home
for their Mastiff."
The ACL's mission is...

*Protecting animals from improper use,
abuse, neglect, inhumane treatment
and health hazards.
*Educating the public about
responsible pet ownership.
*Sheltering lost, abandoned and
unwanted animals.
*Preventing the birth of unwanted animals.
*Reuniting lost pets and their families.
*Adopting animals into loving and
responsible homes.
*Lovingly caring for the pets
that reside in our animal shelter.
TAILS Humane Society is a community-owned,
not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to addressing
the root causes of animal abuse and overpopulation in
DeKalb County, Illinois.TAILS will:
*Provide temporary shelter and emergency services
for homeless, abandoned, and abused animals.
*Be a preferred source for adoptions of
dogs, cats, and exotic pets by qualified owners.
*Provide rehabilitation services for wildlife.
*Educate the citizens of DeKalb County regarding the proper
care of companion animals, the importance of spaying and
neutering, and the importance of compassionate treatment of
animals to the quality of life in the community.
*Utilize best practices in the housing, care, and adoption of
homeless and abused animals and in providing
community education regarding animal care.
*Collaborate with other agencies, organizations, and
businesses to maximize the quality and range of care and
services for animals.
Our common goal is to rescue dogs that suffer
at the hands of cruel or ignorant owners, owner
give-aways, or those that are homeless. We are a
small group of volunteers who
work full time jobs and try to help as many dogs
as we can when we can.
Chicagoland dog rescue is a shelter-less rescue.
We board most of the dogs we take in
at local shelters and vets.
By helping as many dogs as we can, we keep
them from being brought to various societies or
kill shelters where 15,000 dogs are
put to death daily in Illinois.
With very limited resources, we try to medicate,
socialize, and place dogs of all breeds, ages, and
sizes into homes as quickly as possible.
The Pet Jamboree All Breed Rescue is
an all-volunteer rescue effort.  
Here at The Pet Jamboree, we open our homes and
dedicate our lives to helping
homeless animals everywhere.  
We take in every type of animal from young and cuddly
puppies and kittens to elderly or sick animals who just
need a chanceto find a little happiness.
All of our animals come from shelters and other situations
where they areunwanted and in need of rescue.
Adopt-A-Pet is an all volunteer not-for-profit
animal shelter and adoption agency dedicated to
saving the lives of lost, abandoned or otherwise
homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

We provide a safe refuge and a second chance for
unclaimed animals from various municipal pounds
and, space permitting, we accept other homeless,
neglected or injured animals from their rescuers.

Adopt-A-Pet is a "shelter without walls"
We do not own a shelter facility.
All of our animals are boarded at cooperating
animal hospitals or in volunteer foster homes until
they are adopted by their new families.
Animals remain with us for as long as it takes to
find them a suitable permanent new home.
Partners For Pets volunteers regularly visit rural animal
shelters and rescue animals that have
used up their time, need medical care
and/or are too fragile for shelter life.
Partners for Pets provides care to each animal prior to
adoption. including::  booster shots, worming,
heartworm check, and monthly preventative, rabies
shot, spay/neuter, grooming, flea/tick prevention,
and other necessary care.
Veterinary care is provided at reduced cost through
Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital
and St. Louis Pet Clinic.
About 5% of the animals are kept in foster care until
adopted while the other 95% are kept in a shelter
environment until they are adopted.
We raise funds to provide financial assistance
for specific dogs in shelters
Our focus is primarily on small, overcrowded,
underfunded, but well-managed, rural shelters that
typically operate below the radar in the greater
Mid-Atlantic region.
Our efforts are aimed at helping otherwise adoptable dogs
at these shelters who are least likely to get adopted (older
dogs, black dogs, special-needs dogs, etc.).
By covering part or all of the costs of necessary
veterinary care, grooming, etc. for these dogs most at
risk, they are far more likely to be adopted
or taken by a rescue.
We assist rescues that commit to these at-risk dogs with
transport, temporary boarding, veterinary, and other costs.
We also highlight these at-risk dogs on our website and
through social media to help get them on the radar to be
adopted or taken by a rescue, and to increase awareness
of the plight of at-risk dogs.
United Yorkie Rescue, Inc. was founded on
August 5, 2002, by a group of loyal and
hard-working rescue friends.
We consolidated our efforts and talents to form
a family dedicated to the rescue and well being
of the Yorkshire Terrier.
We have pledged to rescue all Yorkies and Yorkie mixes
in need regardless of size, age, or health condition.
In addition, we are devoted to providing love,
nourishment, rehabilitation, socialization,
and "pawesome" forever homes!!
The Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc.
(ARPH) is a not-for-profit organization
comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to the
Australian Shepherd breed.

ARPH's mission is to rescue Australian
Shepherds and place them into loving, caring, and
permanent homes, and to educate the public
about all aspects of owning
an Australian Shepherd.

ARPH's rescue efforts are supported largely by
donations from those who love the breed,
including donations from the Australian Shepherd
Club of America (ASCA), its Affiliate Clubs, and
other Australian Shepherd groups
and organizations.
Animal Rescue of Illinois, a division of the ARA, Inc,
is a licensed, No-Kill, No-Shelter rescue organization
made up of rescuers throughout Illinois and
surrounding communities

Animal Rescue of Illinois strives to reduce the vast
overpopulation of unwanted pets by:

Rescuing countless adoptable pets awaiting their
avoidable fate of euthanasia in high-kill facilities.

Offering adoption of rescued, homeless pets.

Providing re-homing services for displaced pets.

Contributing education on the humane care and
treatment of animals, as well as the importance of
spaying and neutering in our communities.

Supporting and believing that high volume,
community based sterilization campaigns are the
humane, logical and sustainable strategy to combat
the over population of cats and dogs.

Supporting the No-Kill, No-Shelter approach.
“Love a Golden” Rescue is an all-volunteer
group dedicated to the rescue of Golden
Retrievers and education about
responsible dog ownership.
We are a charitable 501 (c) (3) nonprofit
Missouri corporation based in St. Louis.
We find permanent homes for Golden
Retrievers who have been surrendered by
their owners or who have been
abandoned or abused.
Our focus is on needy Goldens in Eastern
Missouri and Southern Illinois.